Friday, October 11, 2013

Autumn country

Red sky in morning
Sailor take warning
Red sky at night
Sailor's delight

This morning's spectacularly red sunrise triggered our recall of that old, old weather forecasting rhyme. (Much of the deep, deep red in the original photo has been lost in conversion for the web.)

photo of red sky at morning
red sky at morning         © harrington

By the way, we can confirm that our suspicions regarding the flower garden hole digger were correct. Yesterday, after re-baiting the Hav-a-Hart, we promptly caught a chipmunk who was later released far from here during our Thursday trip to pick up our CSA share at the WEI Amador farm.

photo of confirmed chipmunk hole (minus chipmunk)
confirmed chipmunk hole (minus chipmunk)     © harrington

We just finished checking the Minnesota DNR's fall color map. Locally, we're shown as 25% to 50% peak. That seems in the ballpark, although we seem to be loosing leaves faster than they're gaining color. This Autumn seems fairly (or unfairly) "washed out" as far as I can see (with exceptions for the occasional sunrise). The northern half of the state is listed at 75% peak color with several large areas showing past peak. Now, we want to share with you a picture of what we think is one of the prettiest (short) stretches of country road in Minnesota. It's just south of our house and a little beyond the yak farm. The tree tunnel, as you can see, isn't thick enough to keep snow out, but it does shade the sun enough to support ice cover well into late March or early April most years. During Spring leaf out green up, Summer's full scale foliage and Autumn's leaf color riot, the curves and hills and tunnel make it enchanted, especially if the driver slows down enough to let the local whitetail herd cross safely. I think it entirely possible that Theresa Ann Moore has traveled this road. Read her poem and tell us what you think.

photo of country road in Autumn
country road, take me home   © harrington

A Country Road

The tree lined country road barely has two lanes
The serene path narrows and dips straight ahead
Inviting everyone with a silence that has no name
Captivated by nature’s beauty… my inner spirit is led

Sunbeams filters through branches that are interlocked
The glorious canopy spills patches of light on gravel
A breeze flutters through lush leaves… heat is blocked
Carefree visitors are protected as they leisurely travel

The peaceful scene is one that will forever remain
In memories that hold the splendor of quieter days
Today cars race on the highway… speed is maintained
The intense glare upon the pavement directs the way

Theresa Ann Moore

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