Sunday, December 8, 2013

I get by with a little help from my friends

I've received an early Christmas present this year. Actually, I've received several, and I want to share them with you. A very, very talented friend of ours, Krista Detor, the singer, song writer, decided to independently produce an album that's about to be officially released in the US. She got together with a number of very talented people she knows and created Flat Earth Diary, which turned out to be both a book about making the album as well as the album itself. The book is already available on Amazon. The US album release  is this coming week, December 12. Now, about the Christmas present part.

Flat Earth Diary (book cover)

The book includes poems from a number of poets that Krista claims have inspired her. One of my poems, titled Away, is the "closer" on page 217. I was honored and grateful to be asked to contribute. When I had the chance to read all of Chapter 12 in the book, the story, the song and my poem in that context, I was really, really touched. Thank you Krista for making such a beautiful home for my poem and for inviting me to be part of such an outstanding leap forward. I haven't had time to read the entire book yet. My purchased from Amazon copy just arrived a few days ago. Look for a more comprehensive book review in the post-Christmas madness future.

If any of you want a treat to warm your heart this Christmas season, even through the kind of weather we've been enjoying in Minnesota, buy the album and the book, or at least the album. Krista's singing and songwriting trumps my poetry every time.

I hope your holidays are full of presents that please you as much as I'm pleased to be part of the Flat Earth Diary, Notes from the Bridge. (Full disclosure: my better half and I each participated as "producers" of the album. That means we received a "prerelease" copy and have listened to it several times. I've enjoyed each of the songs. Some of them are becoming my favorite Krista pieces.)

Thanks for listening. Come again when you can. Rants, raves and reflections served here daily.