Thursday, December 5, 2013

'Tis the season

Tomorrow is the daughter person's natal celebration day. This week's weather has disrupted the first and second sets of plans to take care of presents and related matters. Fortunately, there's still tomorrow morning to do that and get done a variety of other errands that were originally to have been done yesterday or today. Are you all dug out yet? The official fiancee person kindly and helpfully blew snow from the driveway (twice) yesterday. Our driveway is now in about the same condition as many of Minnesota's highways. Wet snow combined with traffic followed by arctic air is a tough combination. Falling snow is beautiful and peaceful while it's falling in the woods and fields. As an old farmer once said about snow, "I hope this keeps up, that way it won't come down."

Snow-draped firs and pines and other evergreens look like something in a fairy tale.  On my way to an afternoon workshop on arts grant applications, I saw a farm field covered with "snow dunes" sculpted as if to reflect sidewinder tracks, except they weren't in a straight line. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. Naturally, I was in a hurry and didn't have the "good" camera with me, so not photos. Maybe later this season? I think the odds are pretty good we'll have a white Christmas this year.

Ted Kooser has written a wonderful poem about the magic of this season.

Christmas Mail

By Ted Kooser 
Cards in each mailbox,
angel, manger, star and lamb,
as the rural carrier,
driving the snowy roads,
hears from her bundles
the plaintive bleating of sheep,
the shuffle of sandals,
the clopping of camels.
At stop after stop,
she opens the little tin door
and places deep in the shadows
the shepherds and wise men,
the donkeys lank and weary,
the cow who chews and muses.
And from her Styrofoam cup,
white as a star and perched
on the dashboard, leading her
ever into the distance,
there is a hint of hazelnut,
and then a touch of myrrh.

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