Friday, May 30, 2014

Local doings, or stoppings

eggs and rhubarb
eggs and rhubarb            © harrington

Life is getting really interesting here in the country. This morning, Franco the Rescue Dog chased (herded? Franco's a border collie cross) a bear away from our trash can. This afternoon, we headed off for the Chisago City Farmer's Market and bought eggs and rhubarb, asparagus, and tomatoes and green onions grown in either a tunnel or greenhouse.

asparagus                    © harrington

tomatoes etc. grown in tunnel or greenhouse
tomatoes etc. grown in tunnel or greenhouse © harrington

They also had a number of plants for sale and a country / folk singer making nice music. Earlier, we had taken a trip to Almelund to check the farmer's market that was supposed to open at 3 PM. We got there about 2:50 PM and saw not a sign of a vendor. Maybe next week?

On our way home from the Chisago City market, we had a pleasant surprise that restored a little of my faith in human nature. The lady shown below was crossing one of the back roads in the industrial park. While I was turning our car around so I could take her portrait, I got to watch three other drivers intentionally drive around her. Before we left, she had climbed into the tall grass at the roadside and was headed back to her pond. I'm not sure where she might have laid her eggs, or if, or when they may hatch. I think it's just nice to know that some of my fellow humans are willing to share the road with non-human pedestrians. Complete streets anyone?

snapping turtle crossing road
snapping turtle crossing road      © harrington

On a not so pleasant topic, there's an on-line petition to stop frac sand trucks through Taylors Falls.
Please consider signing it.

All of the preceding has been brought to you by Gary Snyder's

"For the Children."

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