Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wildflower walk

This morning I was startled by an unusual, bright yellow, round light in the sky. I wonder if it will return. It prompted me to go exploring and see if my local Scientific and Natural Area [SNA] had any wildflowers blooming. It did. Here's one I know I can identify.

dandelions  blooming
dandelions  blooming                    © harrington

Now I'm relying on a field guide (which I failed to bring with when I headed out earlier) so I'm hypothesising that these are hepatica and then spring beauty. If my identification gets revised by those who know what they're seeing, I'll update the info here.

hepatica?                                 © harrington

spring beauty?
spring beauty?                       © harrington

Now, along the entrance corridor to the SNA, the following all too common inhabitants of our beautiful wild places were also found.

trash plastic jug
trash plastic jug                © harrington

clear plastic water bottle
clear plastic water bottle           © harrington

styrofoam pieces
styrofoam pieces             © harrington

plastic trash bag
plastic trash bag               © harrington

Each of the preceding was in the same locale the last time I visited this SNA. The styrofoam might be on the contiguous private property, the other three aren't. I forgot my trash collecting bag today but expect this litter to still be there next week or the week after when I'll be sure to have my trash bag and pick up this crap. This is the start of My Minnesota's Hall of Shame. Wildflowers are much more attractive, don't you think?

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