Sunday, April 17, 2016

What a difference a year makes

Peepers are peeping, toads are croaking (the good kind), buds are leafing, skies are blueing, Spring is springing its new beginning. While driving around today we saw a tiny turtle, probably painted, crossing the road. Yesterday's mole trapping was a failure for the trapper but a success for the mole. The flannel-lined jeans haven't yet been put away (we know better), although they are headed in that direction, since today's temperatures in the upper 70's are wildly different than two years ago when we were "enjoying" more than a foot of snow.

yes, that's 13" of snow, this date, two years ago
yes, that's 13" of snow, this date, two years ago
Photo by J. Harrington

Tomorrow or Wednesday we'll plan on getting back to William O'Brien and to check on whether the bloodroot and the marsh marigolds have bloomed yet. The photo below is from April 23 last year. There's so much happening, almost from hour to hour, it's hard to decide where to focus. I think I'll just relax and follow the transition between now and full Summer ennui.

51 weeks ago, bloodroot in bloom at William O'Brien
51 weeks ago, bloodroot in bloom at William O'Brien State Park
Photo by J. Harrington

Rock Me, Mercy

By Yusef Komunyakaa

The river stones are listening
because we have something to say.
The trees lean closer today.
The singing in the electrical woods
has gone dumb. It looks like rain
because it is too warm to snow.
Guardian angels, wherever you're hiding,
we know you can't be everywhere at once.
Have you corralled all the pretty wild
horses? The memory of ants asleep
in daylilies, roses, holly, & larkspur.
The magpies gaze at us, still
waiting. River stones are listening.
But all we can say now is,
Mercy, please, rock me.

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