Thursday, May 19, 2016

#phenology -- current, free, natural and artistic seasonal events (not that the arts are unnatural)

Many of my favorite things happen each Spring, and each year seems to bring something new to the mix. As this is being written, the weather is starting to mix it up a little. Cumulus clouds with grey bottoms are drifting by. Sunshine is being covered up. We may get some needed showers this afternoon or evening. If it doesn't storm too strongly, and you're looking for something new to add to your mix of Spring activities, consider yourself invited to:

A Few of My Favorite Things

This Thursday (May 19th) is the opening for A Few of My Favorite Things at the Hallberg Center for the Arts!  Starting at 6pm, this collaborative art exhibit presented by the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community is a showcase of the talent of the our member artists.  
Just a year ago, the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community had about 25 members and was renting the old church for a one night show each month.  This year, there are over 135 members and the organization now owns the building and established the Hallberg Center for the Arts.
So, stop on by, and see this beautiful art exhibit.  Refreshments are served, and you can meet our artists.  All with absolutely NO COST for admission!

Find out more at:  

I've heard rumors they may even let some of the local poets read. When you get to the door, you could tell them I invited you, but you might get a "Who?" We're still getting to know each other in the WACAC.

columbine in bloom
columbine in bloom
Photo by J. Harrington

If you think it's not going to rain, and the weather is too nice to waste indoors, according to my phenology references, you can look  for columbine in bloom and tiger swallowtail butterflies flitting about and listen for tree (and other) frogs chorusing. I can vouch for the columbine and swallowtails in our neighborhood. I haven't heard the frogs recently, but that probably says more about me than the frogs.

tiger swallowtail butter-fly on dandelion
tiger swallowtail butter-fly on dandelion
Photo by J. Harrington

Song for Chaim

By David Shapiro

If one saves a butterfly, has one saved the world?

Rabbi says: If one saves one butterfly, even with long wings,
one butterfly that has fallen into water, it may be said:
“He has saved the whole world.”

If one saves a motley moth, is it the same?

Rabbi: It is valid. If one saves a dirty monkey from a flame,
for example, it is as the saying is: He or she has saved the whole world.
It is valid for all creatures, and not more so for the creatures who know
how to recite the blessings. It is always valid, even on the Sabbath.
It is said: The creatures of the sky are owned by no one, like the land.

If one saves the Book from being destroyed, is it also saving a world?

Rabbi: God forbid, yes, saving the book from the fire,
saving the book or books from the fire, is known to be comparable.
He who saves a book and he who
writes a holy book, it should be said:
They have saved the whole world like a book.

If one saves a rose, one rose,
from the garden of your dead Teacher,
is it still appropriate to think:
She has saved the world.

The Rabbi was silent and seemed troubled. He replied:

If the house of the great teacher is in ruins,
and the garden is a scandal, and one saves
one rose from his garden it is said even
of one rose: It is like saving the world.
It is also said the rose will grow as large as the world.

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