Sunday, July 3, 2016

Random observations #phenology

  • Male goldfinches in July sunlight are bright enough to hurt your eyes.

    male goldfinches at feeder in May
    male goldfinches at feeder in May
    Photo by J. Harrington

  • The only true example of trickle-down economics I've found is at our bird feeder. Finches and grosbeaks and chickadees feed at the elevated feeder. Cardinals and chipmunks and some turkeys feed on the ground below.

  • "Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose" suggests interdependence, not interdependence. We live in the United States, not the Independent States. Our Brexit was a Civil War.

  • We live in a beautiful, fruitful part of the world and are (very slowly) learning to take better care of it.

  • The comings and goings of birds, butterflies and chipmunks, especially chipmunks, observed from inside a screen patio, are akin to great TV for our dogs.

  • When Minnesota has weather like this weekend, San Diegans(?) can eat their hearts out.

  • Fields of grasses are just beginning to be washed with the tawny shades of Autumn.

  • I am not Robinson, but might once have been.

Robinson Escapes to the Cape for Independence Day

By Kathleen Rooney

O little-know facts—how Robinson attracts them!
Pilgrims rocked ashore here, before Plymouth Rock.
The word scrimshaw is of unknown origin.
The stock name of the archaic two-lane main road? Route 6A. Really
it’s Old King’s Highway.
Some facts are useless: the paper bag was invented in Dennis.
Some facts are not: Wellfleet’s town clock sings out ship’s time.
19th century Americans observed only three holidays. The Fourth of
July was one.
O witty aperçus—how Robinson accrues them!
Good food is self-made, like a good millionaire.
Don’t just do something. Stand there.
It’s got to be the weekend somewhere.
Robinson is crisp & perspicuous. His wife stands next to him on the
Democracy could be a lot more sexy if . . . this one fades in the rockets’
red glare.
Ann blushes, runs a hand through his hair.
Robinson looks up, concussed.
Fireworks percuss.

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