Tuesday, August 20, 2013

All wet

photo of Summer thunderstorm clouds
© harrington
Where You At, a quiz by Leonard Charles, Jim Dodge, Lynne Milliman and Victoria Stockley, was originally published in 1981 in Issue 32 of CoEvolution Quarterly. [It] ..."is a self-scoring test on basic environmental perception of place. Scoring is done on the honor system, so if you fudge, cheat or elude, you also get an idea of where you’re at. This quiz is culture bound, favoring those who live in the country over city dwellers, and scores can be adjusted accordingly. Most of the questions, however, are of such a basic nature that undue allowances are not necessary." We'll share the Scoring toward the end of the quiz.
"1.   Trace the water you drink from precipitation to tap."
About half of Minnesota's annual precipitation falls during summer thunderstorms. Since we have our own well, (discretely located at the edge of the front yard) we'll shorten the hydrologic cycle and ignore groundwater-surface water interactions and trace the precipitation to the groundwater which is recharged by infiltration of storm water. We pump groundwater that's been filtered through the Anoka Sandplain, pressurized by our pressure tank, and then, depending on whether its hot or cold water we want, flows from the water heater or not.
For folks who depend on municipal water supply, you can try checking the Minnesota Utilities GIS Data water supply section.
Tomorrow's question, in case any of you want to do some research, will be:
2.     How many days until the moon is full? (Slack of 2 days is allowed.) (Check yesterday's posting for a good start.)

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By Ralph Waldo Emerson
The water understands
Civilization well;
It wets my foot, but prettily,
It chills my life, but wittily,
It is not disconcerted,
It is not broken-hearted:
Well used, it decketh joy,
Adorneth, doubleth joy:
Ill used, it will destroy,
In perfect time and measure
With a face of golden pleasure
Elegantly destroy.