Friday, August 9, 2013

Season's blessings

photo of Wild River wildflowers
© harrington
Welcome! Thanks for the visit. The late Summer wildflowers are blooming in abundance in and around Wild River State Park. The St Croix River continues to flow and the WEI Farm at Amador Hill CSA Shares keep getting better. Even though May, despite some snow, brings welcome relief to our occasionally interminable Winters and, in response to folks who have felt pent up in the cabin for too long, offers more festivals and festivities than any sane person could take in, I take much of my seasonal pleasures in our amazing Minnesota outdoors during the next four or five months. You already know I'm an apple addict. That harvest season starts soon. We're at or near the peak of sweet corn season, our CSA box has several ears from Gardens of Eagan, plus potatoes and squash and other veggies including some of my least favorite vegetable in the entire universe, fennel. On the other hand, my wife really likes it. One more of the challenges of being a farmer. I'm not sure there's any one thing everyone likes. Well, maybe this week's cookie share from Red Door Bakery, Cranberry Shortbread, could be a candidate for the "something everyone likes award." Not so much the brownies from several weeks ago. Makes me wonder if I show that much variability between the things I do well and those I just think I do well. The older I get, the more I think the secret to a happy life is to try lots of things and check your expectations at the door. Speaking of expectations, have you noticed that I lean more toward being a connoisseur of cookies than of vegetables? And, am I the only one who's noticing that the leaves are starting to color?
photo of sumac in autumn red
© harrington
I first saw some in the sumac at the prairie restoration site but then noted some more bright, bright red in maples just outside the park entrance. If you haven't visited the St. Croix Valley in Autumn, you've missed one of the prettiest trips available in My Minnesota. Here's one more example of just how gorgeous the River is even on a plain, ordinary, wonderful late Summer day like today.
photo of St. Croix River looking upstream
© harrington
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