Monday, August 19, 2013

Three Sisters

photo of full moon
© harrington
Welcome. Did you know that tomorrow night, Tuesday, is the August full moon. No, that doesn't make it the state fair moon. Nice guess, though. According to the Western Washington University Planetarium, the Ojibwa call this month's full moon the berry moon, while the Lakota named it "moon when the chokecherries are black." Speaking of Native American interests, did you notice the wonderful story in today's Star Tribune about "Dream of Wild Health saves traditional Indian seeds and health?" During a time when the world is literally loosing species through abnormally high rates of extinction, restoring historic plants to contemporary use seems to me to be one type of restorative development that we could use more of. The next time I'm near the Midtown Global Market, I'll stop by and see what Dream of Wild Health has to offer. Let me ask one final question (for today). Have you ever heard of the bioregional quiz "Where you at?" Reportedly, it first appeared during the '70s in the journal CoEvolution Quarterly. (Once again my hippie roots are showing.) I think, starting tomorrow, we'll go through the quiz together, one question at a time and see if we can answer the questions for various parts of My Minnesota and point others to where they can find their own answers. I hope you'll come along for the exploration. I'm not sure how we may use the answers, but I'm pretty sure we'll be better off for having found them. Thanks for listening. Come again when you can. Rants, raves and reflections served here daily.